Budget Landscape and Building Supplies source Firewood from around the country and offer it to our customers at the best prices.


Redgum FirewoodThere is nothing more comforting than sitting around the fireplace on a cold winters night. Whether you have an open fireplace, a combustion heater or a wood stove, you can watch the fire dancing in cosy comfort. Fireplaces offer a cheerful place to gather around crackling flames with family and friends or to sit in a favorite chair and read a good book. A wood-heated home not only offers great warmth and comfort, but it also smells great.

If you’re looking for firewood to heat your home this winter, you’ve come to the right place.

At Budget Landscape & Building Supplies, we pride ourselves on the best quality Firewood. Our firewood is suitable for all fireplaces, including combustion heaters, pizza ovens, and chimeneas.

Redgum firewood is a good choice for a long slow burn as it will only give off smaller flames, but they will last all night. This type of firewood is also perfect for cooking and smoking because it gives off an aromatic smell and burns slowly to coals.

Firewood at unbelievable prices at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies in AdelaideSUSTAINABILITY

The most essential attribute of good firewood is sustainability. Because of this, the best firewood to use is redgum. Following are a few of the reasons why redwood is great firewood:

  • It is a hardwood that burns slowly and has a high heat content
  • Redgum firewood produces little smoke and adds flavour to food
  • It is also a sustainable source of firewood



Not all wood burns the same or have the same characteristics, and understanding what are the essential attributes of good firewood will help you get the most from your fire. Here, we give you the characteristics of redgum firewood:

  • Redgum firewood is a chemical free, biodegradable and renewable fuel that is environment-friendly.
  • It is sustainably and legally harvested from renewable resources.
  • Redgum firewood burns longer, makes less smoke and ash while producing excellent coals and heat.


Our firewood is split & seasoned for optimum burning performance. We supply quality REDGUM firewood from sustainable sources. You can pick up your order in-store or Budget Landscape & Building Supplies can deliver it directly to you. We deliver to all Adelaide metropolitan suburbs 7 days a week.

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