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  • Supply lead times and stock availability does apply.
  • Sale excludes ESPLANADE, Longo, Connex T, Edgy and Easy step pavers, Lutum Paving 60mm and 80mm Range, and Commercial Retaining Block Range.
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We carry the following pavers:

Budget Building and Landscape Supplies are one of, if not the biggest sellers of pavers in Adelaide and South Australia. We carry large numbers of pavers and bricks at all times.  We will arrange the delivery or you can use our free 1-hour loan trailer service.

We continuously offer pavers at LOW, LOW prices

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We carry every type of paver including small, medium and large format pavers plus driveway pavers. All of our pavers that are on sale are viewable at our Hackham branch. We carry all of the major brands:

Austral Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Austral Pavers

History of over 100 years in brick manufacturing makes Austral Bricks a brand to look for. Deeply committed to designing and manufacturing excellent products, Austral Bricks have got a solution for all your paver problems.

Austral Bricks & Pavers provide a wide variety of pavers which come in different sizes, colours, and textures. All exclusive pavers are suitable for indoor or outdoor areas.

Coastal Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Coastal Pavers

Coastal Pavers are South Australian owned and operated manufacturers and suppliers of concrete pavers. These pavers are suitable for different landscape styles including patios and driveways. Coastal pavers offer a wide variety of contemporary pavers with durability and versatility. They have developed a strong and trusted reputation and a solid customer base.

These pavers are suitable for a wide range of projects including indoor and outdoor applications such as driveways, footpaths, swimming pools, garden paths, courtyards, and entertainment areas. Coastal’s pavers come in a variety of size and colours. Coastal pavers can be used as ‘stand-alone’ pavers.

Littlehampton Clay Bricks & Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Littlehampton Bricks & Pavers

Littlehampton Pavers are one of the most popular suppliers of bricks and pavers in Australia. From professional builders and architects to home renovators, Littlehampton bricks and pavers are the preferred choice for their superior quality, range of products and reliability.

Best Bricks & Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Best Pavers

Passionate for quality for design & manufacture, Best Bricks & Pavers are sure to impress. With the largest range of finishes, colours & sizes you have lots to choose from.

Playford Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Playford Pavers

South Australia owned and manufactured, Playford Pavers is a known name for paving solutions. Playford’s pavers are designed to complement traditional & modern styles as all pavers come with a clean, smooth & long-lasting finish.

Playford Pavers have 20 years of experience in manufacturing quality concrete. The Playford paver range is designed for both residential and commercial applications as well as retaining walls. Residential pavers come in different sizes that are suitable for entertainment areas, walkways, driveways and swimming pools surroundings.

Playford pavers provide ultimate quality, durability and practicality products range.

PGH Bricks & Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
PGH Bricks & Pavers

PGH Bricks & Pavers is one of the largest manufacturers of bricks and pavers in Australia. Their products find applications in architectural, construction, commercial as well as residential projects. They manufacture in many Australian states, including South Australia. PGH has made a mark for itself and is well-known for the quality and variety of their products as well as their service excellence!

Boral Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Lutum Pavers (In-house 25% Off Sale)

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One of the largest construction and building material manufacturer Lutum is a well-known name in Australia. Lutum ’s pavers & retaining wall portfolio got a large range to satisfy all your paving needs.

Lutum is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of pavers and retaining wall products in Australia.

Quantum Stone Pavers at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
Quantum Stone

Quantum Stone is one of Australia leading handmade paver manufacturer. Quantum Stone offers pavers in 8 colors and 4 textures to provide customers an extensive range to choose their favorite paver from.

Quantum Stone products are suitable for external or internal use, in either residential or commercial applications. The entire exclusive range of products is made on-site in Netley, Adelaide and distributed throughout SA, VIC, and NSW.

Urbanstone Pavers
UrbanStone Pavers

UrbanStone Pavers is a leading manufacturer of pavers in Australia. UrbanStone’s range of pavers is easy to install, low on maintenance, have a long life, suitable for wet weather conditions, durable and environment-friendly. All UrbanStone products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are compliant with slip resistance requirements in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS4586.



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