Note: Premium Veggie Mix is sold by volume (per M3) not weight as it is an open lighter specialty soil (A 6 x 4 trailer load is equal to 0.76M3). All other prices incl. GST and are per tonne.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Retail list pricing only, no discounts or Delivery charges included.

Discounts are available from 4 tonnes and up. Speak to our staff today to get your project-specific quantities and delivered pricing.

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Sandy Loam at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
SANDY LOAM 80/20 ($37.80)

Features & Benefits

  • 80/20 Soil
  • Standard top dress soil for lawns
  • Ideal balance between clay, sand and silt
  • Requires frequent irrigation
Organic Loam at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
TURF MIX LOAM ($49.90)

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent soil to establish new roll out lawn with built in food
  • Top dress soil
  • Comes with organics added
  • Better nutrients compared to other soil types
50/50 Loam at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
50/50 LOAM ($40.95)


  • Balanced mix of Sand – Soil in the ratio 50:50
  • Good for use in areas with depleted top soil, like lawns


Budget Organic Loam at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies


  • Recycled organic soil made from compost
  • We add 80/20 sandy loam for better drainage & balance
  • Recycled product
  • Wear gloves while using
Special Soil at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies

Key Benefits

  • Full of rich nutrients and organic matter
  • Provides a gradual release of nutrients’ supply
  • Free draining soil
  • Improved soil structure allows better water infiltration & increased soil aeration
  • Advanced moisture holding capacity helps in reducing water consumption and cost
  • Advantageous micro-organisms support healthier and sustained growth of trees and gardens


  • Can be use as a top soil for garden beds
  • Great for underneath new instant lawn or in place of a standard sandy loam
  • Can be used in new homes where topsoil has been depleted or removed
Premium Organic Loam (In stock Hackham)

Features & Benefits

  • A mixture of Screened Loam and Peats Organic Compost
  • Ideal for garden and lawn establishment
  • Budget price-quality loam
  • Encourages early stages of growth in plants and lawn
  • Organically enhanced friable loam
  • PH neutral
PREMIUM VEGGIE MIX ($60.40, per 0.76M3)

Key Benefits

  • High level of organic matter retains moisture where it is needed the most
  • Open structure ensures the soil remains free draining with minimal raking or turning of soil required
  • Promotes healthy root growth and establishment
  • Provides plants with vital organic nutrient supply


  • Veggie patches
  • Ideal for large tubs and planter boxes
  • Raised garden beds
  • Courtyard gardens and ferneries
  • Lightweight soil suitable for rooftop gardens
Gypsum at Budget Landscape & Building Supplies
GYPSUM ($84.70)


  • Breaks down clay
  • Airates soil

Please Note

We endeavour to ensure the colour and texture of our product matches those on display. However, it should be understood that as a result of the natural materials used and the manufacturing process, some variation in colours, shapes and sizes is inherent and may vary from what you see in the photo.

It is recommended that products should be viewed in store before purchasing over the internet.

Variations can be minimised by blending the product when laying and on large orders by purchasing all at the one time.

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